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Who We Are

About Us

The Singer Studio has been providing quality dentistry in Merano (Meran) for over 100 years. Over the course of the last century, our team has set itself apart by offering a wide array of services and premium dentistry. Our staff members are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to treatment options.



1904 Dr. Edoardo Singer founds the Singer Studio in Merano.
1934 Dr. Federico Singer (German title: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c) takes over his father's practice.
1945 The dental practice (located at that time on Freiheitsstrasse in Merano) of Dr. Federico Singer and his brother, Dr. Giovanni Singer, reopens after the war ends.
1957 The Singer Studio moves to its current location.
1983 After many years of working together with Dr. Federico Singer, his sons, Dr. Fritz Singer and Dr. Benno Singer, take over the practice.
1999 Dr. Guido Singer, son of Dr. Fritz Singer joins the practice.

Dr. Federico Singer, professor at the University Hospital of Bologna, has made the most powerful contribution to the image of our practice in more than a century of dental history. His skills and scientific knowledge in combination with the utmost in professionalism and charisma made the practice and the town of Merano a point of reference in dentistry for patients from the fields of business, politics, arts, sports and the nobility – not only on a national but also a European level. Our practice has produced a large number of professionals and well-established employees, who were trained by Dr. Federico Singer. Today it is Dr. Guido Singer who, together with other experts and specialists, offers curative, preventive and aesthetic treatments tailor made to his patient’s individual needs. Every patient is unique, just like his or her smile.
Strengthened by a common history, we use the most advanced techniques and equipment so that we can always ensure the highest quality. We place great emphasis on regular training of our health professionals, many of whom enjoy high standing in the academic sphere.
Partnerships with well-established service providers, such as Multident Dental Lab, allow us to create handmade high-precision prostheses for our patients, reducing the number of necessary sessions to a minimum.
Reliability, quality, and a genuine interest in the needs of our patients are concrete principles that bring us ever closer to our goal of improving quality of life for our patients.

Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

Our goal is to embrace the widest range of dental services so that we can fully meet the expectations of our patients.
After a detailed examination, in which we discuss the expectations and wishes of the patient, we then decide upon an approach to treatment that is in accordance with the financial capabilities of the patient.
Because we have the whole gamut of modern dentistry at our disposal, we are able – in consultation with the patient – to find a suitable therapeutic or prosthetic solution with which to restore proper chewing function.
Because we pursue an interdisciplinary approach, we can provide our patients with extensive and diverse treatment options. This allows us to ensure maximum objectivity concerning individual dental solutions to patients – solutions that are tailored not only to his or her clinical needs but also to time constraints and financial requirements.

Throughout the entire course of treatment, we use only the most advanced equipment and the highest quality materials, which are sourced from the leading international importers.

Mission and Corporate Policy

Our primary objective is to preserve the oral health of our patients. Every day, we strive to grant our patients the widest array of dental services and to raise their awareness and motivate them about proper oral home hygiene and regular visits to the dentist.
Prevention is of the utmost importance for us. We want to counteract dental problems – which can have serious consequences if they are not stopped in time.
The main goal of our oral hygiene programme (which includes regular checks) is to guarantee maintenance of dental services to each and every patient over the long term; the same applies to the long-term maintenance of prosthetic or surgical treatments.

Our Offices

Our Offices

When you step into our offices, you’ll be warmly greeted to a friendly and air-conditioned environment, which comprises the following areas:
11 treatment rooms
1 digital panoramic X-ray unit with low radiation
5 digital endoral X-ray machines
1 reception area
2 waiting rooms
Children’s area
Cashier’s desk
Administrative offices



From the dental practice for the dental practice.

The OPMI® pico is a compact, powerful and easy-to-use microscope. It offers many innovative features that help optimise treatment and quality of work.
The OPMI® pico with MORA interface plays an active role in the prevention of neck tension and back problems. The user can always maintain a sitting position when looking through the eyepieces, something that helps the dentist get a good overview.
In addition, there is a wide range of accessories available. For example, an integrated video camera helps patients better understand the work being done.

NobelClinician – Software for Guided Surgery

NobelClinician Software raises digital dentistry to a higher level, thanks to advanced digital diagnosis functions, better treatment planning, and improved dental team collaboration.

Enhanced Diagnosis: Combining 2D and 3D views of the patient’s anatomy

Digital treatment planning: takes bone availability and prosthetic requirements into account for optimal positioning of the implant.
Online collaboration: NobelConnect enables collaboration between treatment partners, including secure storage of patient data.
Means of communication with the patient: an exceptional tool for presenting treatment options.
Total integration with the Nobel Guide treatment concept: personalized surgical mask, optional custom-guided surgery.
Planning based on prosthetic criteria: possible to combining the anatomy of the patient and prosthetic requirements, in order to guarantee optimal support of the implant for the prosthetic solution.
Planning with a complete picture: possible to determine the optimal positions of the implant and the type of abutment according to the quantity and quality of the bone tissue, critical anatomical structures, and prosthetic needs.

True Definition Oral Scanner 3M

Digital Impressions

The True Definition Oral Scanner 3M is a digital impression system that establishes a new, strong connection between dentists and dental technicians and allows both to increase productivity. The True Definition Oral Scanner 3M represents an expansion of 3M ESPE’s portfolio: digital impression solutions. It allows conventional casting, with spoons and impression material, to be replaced by a digitally scanned impression.
Thanks to its unique 3D-in-Motion technology, the True Definition Oral Scanner 3M employs a video sequence of frames during its scanning motion – in place of the normal point-and-click process.


The True Definition Oral Scanner 3M produces a precise image of the oral situation, helping to eliminate inaccuracies.

Digital Panoramic X-ray unit Planmeca Pro One

Featuring cutting-edge innovations, Planmeca Pro One combines extensive diagnostic capabilities and superior image quality into a compact, easy-to-use package.

User interface provides guidance

The full-colour graphical user interface provides clear texts and symbols to guide you through your procedure. Settings are logically grouped and easy to understand, speeding up imaging and allowing you to focus on positioning your patient correctly and communicating with them.

Easy patient positioning

Open patient positioning and side entry minimise errors caused by incorrect patient positioning by allowing you to monitor the patient freely from both the front and side. Side entry allows easy access for all patients. Patient positioning is assisted by our triple laser beam system, which indicates the correct anatomical positioning points.

Autofocus – for perfect panoramics every time

The unique Autofocus feature automatically positions the focal layer using a low-dose scout image of the patient’s central incisors. Landmarks in the patient’s anatomy are used to calculate placement, enabling practically error-free patient positioning and dramatically reducing the need for retakes. The result is the perfect panoramic image, every time.

Optimal imaging programs

Planmeca Pro One® offers you a wide variety of imaging programs for different radiographic needs. You can also select the correct exposure formats to minimise the radiation dose for all types of patients and diagnostic purposes.